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Airtelis is a specialized company proposing helicopter operations and helicopter methods for your transmission grid: inspection, maintenance on live power lines, power lines construction.


Arcon is a leading equipment and service provider for utility, electric, communal, forestry markets. The company provides products and services in Europe, Asia and Africa for over 35years. Arcon has been a company of disciplined management with commitment to excellence and strong financial growth. Arcon`s long history, stability and values serve as the cornerstone of our corporate culture and support or position as the market leader in our industry.  The company`s financial strength allows for continuous investment in new product creation and Arcon`s modern facilities. Arcon would like to present world leader manufacture of insulating aerial platform Altec Inc.  Altec Inc. products are the performance leaders and consistently raising the bar for productive line for live line working application. Please visit our stand and see new vision of utility market and live line working technology.


 AKTYWIZACJA company is well known in Poland and abroad firm, which produces electrical power safety equipment for maintenance medium and high voltages lines and devices.
 We produce, sale and service safety equipment such as:
• insulating poles: universal - UDI, telescopic - TDI, with U-type junction
• voltage indicators of low, medium and high voltage, phase comparators,
• measuring instruments, multimeters, electrical field detectors,
• portable short-circuiting devices and portable earthing devices for flat bars, round conductors, fuse bases, ball-type terminals, railway/tram traction, insulated lines, snap-type,
• live line working  tools,
• rubber products and other safety equipment (insulating platforms, helmets, etc.).


 Audinnov designs and manufactures height access equipment such as ladders and platforms (insulated and non-insulated) for professional use. Our products are designed for use by electricity companies, railway companies, telecommunication networks, and fire brigades. AUDINNOV has launched new models of low voltage composite ladders and AEROSTEP: the first line of ladders with integrated working platform compliant with European regulation for work at height.


BSD Bildungs- und Servicezentrum GmbH is a leading supplier of personal protective equipment and of tools and equipment for working on and near electrical installations.
Expertise and technology leadership when performing live working in Germany and concerning the development of protective equipment are what distinguish our company.
We develop and produce:
 Personal protective equipment against electrical dangers (fault arcs and electric shocks)
 Tools, equipment and technologies for live working up to 36 kV

We qualify and train:
 Technicians for live working up to 36 kV
 managers, safety officers
 authorised switching operators of electrical installations

We advise you and perform risk assessments:
 Fault arc protection (according to DGUV 203-077 and IEEE 1584, NFPA 70E)
 Technologies for live working in the industry and electric supply sector
 Safety for work on and near electrical installations
 Safe switching operations in electric supply companies and the industry


Carraro Tecno Conductive Wear is a best performing suit for live line operators looking for the most comfortable fit and excellent electrical performance: a wearable Faraday cage made of a knitted fabric of silver threads, comfortable as a track suit and made of the best conductive element on earth - silver.
Each suit comes with conductive gloves and socks standard.
Conductive boots made of Fine Italian leather complete the lineman's kit.
Carraro Tecno Conductive Wear is Made in Italy with Italian technology and manufacturing expertise specifically to serve the safety of the power utility companies' live line lineman.
All of Carraro Tecno Wear (including boots) are in compliance with IEC 60895 standard. Carraro Tecno is a division of Carraro enterprise - an Italian company in the clothing industry since 1972 - specialized in the design and manufacturing of industrial clothing. The company and its plant are based in Italy.



CATU Safety's equipment is used by national electric companies, large industries and the railway sector in more than 100 countries on 5 continents.

As a member of the main national and international technical committees (such as UTE, CENELEC, IEC and ASTM), CATU contributes to the development and application of new technologies.

Our efforts to be the number one specialist for protective equipment against electrical hazards are evidence of our focus on all technological aspects of safety.


CDO Innov is a French Company located near Nantes (Loire Atlantique) which can offer a large range of solutions with crawler’s vehicles technology. Our VPH are specialized tool able to access low bearing ground and difficult environment for transporting materials and for instance taking care of high-voltage lines maintenance. We are working closely with RTE to offer effective and safety tool for their particular activity.

CDO Innov has a large range of product such as agricultural crawler tractor, Tool carrier boat, Work boat to cut and collect invasive plants in fluvial area. We are also offering several marine depollution system.

All solutions imagined by CDO Innov are patented and evolutive to new technologies in order to always be ahead of our competitors. Indeed, CDO Innov has internally his own research department which allows us to create and built only in France different effective and high capacity tools suitable to any configurations.
We also perform study to any specific project that you may have in mind so do not hesitate contacting us to discuss any specifics.
Contact details:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+33 2 51 70 87 48




CO.ME.T. Officine was founded in 1960 in Bologna ITALY ad has been the very first company to introduce the Aerial Platforms in Europe. CO.ME.T. Officine manufactures now a wide range of Telescopic and Articulated Truck Mounted Aerial Platforms with working height from 12 mt up to 45 mt. From the beginning, CO.ME.T. Officine was cooperating with an American Company to realise insulated Aerial Platforms to work on power line maintenance and operations. In recent years the company decided to study further developments and launched new products with full insulation up to 138 kV in compliance with the ANSI Standard for live lines operations.


Derancourt is a French company specialising in designing, manufacturing and selling tools and equipment for operations on electrical networks and installations, and in an electrical environment, such as live working on low voltage installations.

We manufacture a complete range of insulated and insulating hand tools according to the IEC 60900 standard: pliers, spanners, screwdrivers, cable-cutters, torque tools, stripping tools, etc.

We can supply all the relevant protective equipment, both personal (helmets with face shields, insulating gloves, protective clothing…) and common (mats, blankets, sleeves), as well as voltage detectors, grounding and short-circuiting equipment, and insulating ladders.

We also manufacture the following:

  • tools for working in an explosive environment according to the NFE 74 400 standard;
  • cable preparation tools for MV cables from 25 to 630 mm²; and
  • cable accessories for aerial LV networks (straps, base mounts, anchoring and suspension devices).



Egi can trace its origine back to the 50’s when it started to engineer and manufacture its 1st hydraulic aerial platform with insulating boom for Live Working.

Today a Division of Group, Egi continues to enhance its position of World Leader in Mobile Aerial Equipment for Live Maintenance and offers the most extensive range of Hydraulic Platforms & Insulator Washing Booms.

Equipment are dedicated to MV (HV-A) Distribution Networks. With Rated Voltage up to 138 kV and Working Height up to 25 m, more than 1,000 units have been delivered all around the World.

For Maintenance of HV (HV-B) or EHV Transmission Networks, Egi Range reaches Rated Voltage up to 750 kV and Working Height up to 65 m, holding the Industry World Record of 65 m at 750 kV applying Potential Method. All Egi Range is fully complying with EN-IEC 61057 Standard. 


The conductive clothing is intended to be worn during live working (especially bare-hand working) with AC and DC electrical installations. The electrical continuity between all parts of the clothing provides an individual faradey's cage around the human body and reduces the electric field inside the clothing. The shielding kit was designed and manufactured in accordance to the standard IEC 60895 as well as IEC 61482 for arc protection. InteGREATed is a new way of thinking, the first and only conductive suit with ATPV level.




Enedis is a public service company that manages the electricity distribution network. It develops, operates and modernizes the electrical grid and manages the associated data. Enedis carries out customer connections, 24/24 and 7/7 troubleshooting, meter readings and all technical interventions. It is independent of the energy suppliers, which are responsible for the marketing and management of the electricity contract. Enedis employs 38,000 people and serves 35 million people, that are connected by a low and medium voltage network with a length of one million, four hundred thousand kilometres.


Founded in 2009, Eova guarantees the safety of your energy production and transmission infrastructure; EOVA offers you high-quality services delivered by a team of experts, with the latest innovations in electrical installations monitoring. Our expert staff is trained and certified for testing and service provision in the Nuclear sector as well as Testing on Offshore Oil&Gas platforms.  Our testing services include Protection Scheme and Protection relays testing, Surge arrestors live testing, Power Transformers testing, MV & HV switchgears testing.  EOVA’s experience and expertise in the field have enabled us to acquire reference contract for HV equipment diagnosis in EDF Power Plants, Nuclear included.


FE Group – France Elevateur is a French manufacturer with over 30 years’ experience in providing tailor-made van mounted and truck mounted aerial platforms with the option for an integrated workshop or specialist body. We supply a wide range of products, from 9 to 35 meters, with an equally wide range of applications (installation, assembly and maintenance of lines of transport of electricity, street lighting, telecommunication lines, railways, pruning of trees, painting / building, maintenance of urban material etc.).

Its headquarter and production facilities are located in Eastern France, the group is integrating; designing and manufacturing its own products.

With several types of platform designs; articulated and telescopic booms with the option of fixed or hydraulic fly jibs; vertical mast platforms; sigma booms with rotating platforms.

Part of the production is bespoke platforms designed upon customers specific request and application. Thus the company benefit from a special equipment department covering live line work with insulated booms according EN61057 standard up to 750kV, ANSI 92.2 solutions are available truth our partnership with Canadian Company POSI+ on European, African, Middle East, and India. France Elevateur provide also railway maintenance and construction equipment. Such versatile production is enabled through a powerful CAD-ERP system and a highly flexible production method.



Folch Ropes S.A. develops and supplies specific ropes for high voltage power lines with technical and insulating properties to ensure maximum safety even in high voltage works.

Our ropes have been specially designed to be used in construction and maintenance labours works in proximity to energized lines.
 For lifting and lowering insulators near live conductors
 Service rope for bare hand operator or near of the line conductors
 Scaffold fastening
 Pilot lines

We supply to the most important DNO companies worldwide since 1942. Due to our background in this field we can assess our clients to fit the best solution on each project requirements.
We commit ourselves to working personally and directly with our clients. 


Honeywell Industrial Safety (HIS), part of Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions (SPS), helps organizations manage workplace safety. HIS offers the broadest range of industrial safety products — from personal protection gear for a worker’s eyes, ears and head, to fall protection harnesses and respiratory protection, software, protection against electrical hazards, first-responder gear and toxic and combustible gas monitors that protect the lives of workers — anywhere they are at risk — while also protecting the operations of their companies. Honeywell Industrial Safety is taking safety to the next level by leading the transformation from point solutions to connected solutions. Whether it’s wearables in gas detection and PPE or portables and fixed devices, our products help our customers with connected, real-time safety intelligence to respond to safety threats, manage risk to the business and improve productivity. HIS helps customers make better decisions by connecting sensors throughout customers' operations to deliver a real time, accurate picture of safety at all times. 

For more news and information on Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions, please visit
For Personal Protective Equipment, please visit


 HUBIX is a thriving company specializing in live working, with over 30 years of experience on the electrical power engineering market.
Our company manufactures a wide array of tools and equipment for live working as well as electrically insulating helmets with electric arc resistant face shields.


The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) brings together 170 countries, and close to 20 000 experts who cooperate on the global IEC platform to ensure that products work everywhere safely with each other. The IEC is the world's leading organization that prepares and publishes globally relevant International Standards for the whole energy chain, including all electrical, electronic and related technologies, devices and systems. The IEC also supports all forms of conformity assessment and administers four Conformity Assessment Systems that certify that components, equipment and systems used in homes, offices, healthcare facilities, public spaces, transportation, manufacturing, explosive environments and energy generation conform to them.

IEC work covers a vast range of technologies: power generation (including all renewable energy sources), transmission, distribution, Smart Grid & Smart Cities, batteries, home appliances, office and medical equipment, all public and private transportation, semiconductors, fibre optics, nanotechnology, multimedia, information technology, and more. It also addresses safety, EMC, performance and the environment.


IESPM is an independent Oil analysis & diagnostic laboratory, for over 54 years. IESPM is the privileged partner of maintenance services using the fluids analysis: lubricants, fuels, greases, dielectric fluids and other related products such as debris or sludge. A low cost way to conduct efficient condition monitoring of industrial equipments such as the electric installations. Our laboratories are COFRAC (NF EN ISO/CEI 17025) accredited, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified to guarantee to our clients a service of quality at the top of their needs.

IESPM assists customers in the monitoring of electrical equipments (transformers, etc.) with custom analysis solutions adapted to regulations and customer’s needs. We propose a large number of tests and monitoring tool to the forefront of technology for every type of equipments. Furthermore, our experts carry out technical studies, materials audits, and also provide effective and comprehensive diagnostics. We also offer training programs: fluid analysis, interpretation of result, ecotoxicocity and biodegradability of lubricants, diesel fuels…..


JMP International is a manufacturer of fall arrest equipment, insulating ladders and fiberglass ladder systems of INTER® brand.

We produce:
INTER® fall protection equipment like:
- standard and insulated safety harnesses for Live working
- energy absorbers
- safety and positioning lanyards
- fall arresters and working ropes
- evacuation sets
INTER® insulated ladders made of fiberglass
- folding ladders
- step ladders

- hanging ladders
- fall protection ladders
- ladder systems

ISSA International Section for Electricity

The ISSA – International Social Security Association – is an international non-profit organization. Members of the ISSA are national institutions from the social security sector. At present more than 340 institutions from 150 countries are members of the ISSA. They share the common objective to promote and to further develop social security worldwide.

Thirteen international sections organized according to industries work commonly to achieve this aim.

One of these Sections is the ISSA International Section for Electricity.

Its objective is to promote occupational health and safety in the electricity area as regards the commercial production and distribution of electricity and gas worldwide.

The Section also convenes international working groups on current topics, e.g. occupational safety and health in contractor management. The results of the groups' work are published in the form of technical guidelines and brochures.

In 2015, the Section released its latest publication. It is called Guidance for the Management of Health and Safety Performance. The Section's publications can be downloaded from its website.

The Section encourages international exchange of information and experience among experts through:

  • symposia
  • workshops
  • international working groups and
  • trainings on safety and health with regard to crucial issues of occupational safety and health protection in this sector.

 K-LINE INSULATORS mfrs a complete range of high quality, high performance, Silicone Rubber Insulators from 15kV thru 400kV.  Est. in 1983, the range of Insulator products for Transmission and Distribution applications include:  Deadend/Suspension, Line Post, Station Post, Guy Strain, Riser Support, specialty & InterPhase Spacers

Created in 2009, LERC. TST is a French specialist manufacturer of tooling and accessories for live working for electricians working on electrical networks.


LERC.TST is able to produce the broadest range of insulating sticks and poles offering the very best level of dielectric and mechanical withstand.

In the fields of ‘’ live working ’’, voltage detection, safety operating procedures or even insulating support of line and railways catenaries, LERC.TST is able to design solutions based on this know-how and labeled IEC 60855.


Our product range:

- Insulating Sticks and tools

- Strain poles

- Conductor covers

- Platforms and insulating ladders

- Bypass Jumpers, load breaker

- Test and measure: Voltage detectors • Wireless phasing tester • Rope and stick tester • Conductor and busbar gauge

- Insulating support of catenaries

- Customized solutions for live working from low to very high voltage

Megger, a leading worldwide manufacturer of portable electrical test instrument, provides advanced solutions for reliable and safe electrical measurements at HV/LV, as well as cable fault location and diagnosis. Solutions that enable electrical installers, maintenance companies and utilities, ensure uninterrupted electrical supply from the power generation to power outlet.
Ease of use, high quality, robustness, are some of the most appreciated advantages by Megger’s customers. Established in the late 1800s, the company has been designing and making test and measurement instruments that perform electrical measurements for preventative maintenance, troubleshooting and commissioning for decades. Megger products have supported customers all over the world to improve their facilities’ efficiency, reduce costs, extend the life of apparatus and through trending and analysis, and anticipate equipment failure and future performance.
Megger has six factories, two in Germany, two in the United Sates, on in Sweden and the central factory is in the UK. Also Megger has more than thirty offices worldwide, with technical and marketing support for customers and its selective distribution channel.
Nowadays, the wide range of products has no comparison, as well as its successful brands like AVO, Biddle, Megger, Multi-Amp, Pax, PowerDB, Programma, SebaKMT y STATES, make Megger the worldwide leader manufacturing high quality, reliable and safe electrical test equipment.


OMICRON is an international company serving the electrical power industry with innovative testing and diagnostic solutions. The application of OMICRON products allows users to assess the condition of the primary and secondary equipment on their systems with complete confidence. Services offered in the area of consulting, commissioning, testing, diagnosis and training make the product range complete.


Customers in more than 150 countries rely on the company’s ability to supply leading edge technology of excellent quality. Service centers on all continents provide a broad base of knowledge and extraordinary customer support. All of this together with our strong network of sales partners is what has made our company a market leader in the electrical power industry.


The PFISTERER Group, which also includes LAPP Insulators, is amongst the world’s leading specialist equipment and system suppliers in the energy infrastructure industry. Around 2,700 employees develop, produce and distribute components and complete solutions for the particularly sensitive interfaces in modern energy networks. With a complete range of products and services, the PFISTERER Group provides customised solutions for the complete transmission chain from low and medium to high and ultra-high voltage. Everything from a single source. Worldwide For our customers, that means: the best possible solutions for all their requirements – now and in the future.



Positron Inc.
Established in 1970, Positron is a holding and operating company that develops and manufactures telecommunications equipment for high reliability, critical service applications.

Positron’s suite of insulators testers are unique in the world for testing the health of high-voltage insulators used on live power transmission or distribution lines and are very useful for safety and maintenance purposes. They are an effective and reliable method of determining defective insulators and insulator strings. They detect defects by measuring the electrical field surrounding the insulators. Any conductive defect results in a variation in the electrical field, indicating a defect in the insulator.


Positron Inc. has several high-tech operating subsidiaries in the telecom domain, including Positron Access Solutions, Positron Telecommunications Systems and Positron Investment Corporation. Positron has received two awards for leadership in developing new technologies from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) as well as the Canada Export Award.



The Preising GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1950 as a family company and is now operated in second generation. The company has over 60 years of experience and a great presence on the German market as well as in Europe.

We offer a wide variety of products and services from the segment of personal protection devices against falling, as well as working with high voltage.


Clydesdale is the leading specialist in cable installation equipment for the Electricity and Telecommunications industries. For many years Clydesdale has been supporting the Electricity and Telecommunications markets in the UK and Ireland. If you have a job that requires a bespoke solution, utilise our expertise and talk to Clydesdale. This website contains all products you might be looking for as a professional involved with cable installation.

As a leader in specialist cable installation equipment Clydesdale will work with you on creating specialist bespoke equipment.


Respirex are a world leading supplier of personal protective solutions, specialising in the design and manufacture of high-performance chemical protective clothing and our Workmaster™ brand of specialist protective footwear.

Our state of the art automated footwear factory produces a range of protective boots and overboots for high voltage workers, along with specialist chemical and general safety boots.


Roblon is a Danish company specializing in composite products utilizing aramid and other high performance fibers. At Icolim, we will be presenting our range of dielectric ropes, approved under IEC 62192 for live line work up to 800kV. The standard range of lightweight, jacketed ropes include 3.5 to 20tons versions, and bespoke solutions and customized designs can be supplied.

At the core of the power system, RTE keeps the balance between power consumption and generation. Twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, we play a key role in directing the flow of electricity and maximising power system efficiency for our customers and the community. We convey electricity throughout mainland France, from power generation facilities to industrial consumers who are connected to the transmission grid, and to the distribution grid which provide the link between RTE and end users. We operate France's high and extra-high voltage transmission system, the biggest in Europe. We are the French transmission system operator, owner of the biggest transmission network in Europe.

For more than 50 years, RTE has developed different techniques in HVB as an alternative to de-energized work. Live Working (LW) is a maintenance technique which allows interventions on lines or substations on voltages of up to 400 kV without disconnecting. RTE uses three techniques: bare-hand, hot-stick and helicopter work. The use of the helicopter in the power grid allows quick interventions and capability to reach inaccessible places.

RTE International is a 100% subsidiary of RTE, the French electricity transmission system operator. RTE International, created on 1st September 2006, develops consultancy work and uses its expertise to provide services for clients in other countries.
RTE International relies on the expertise of RTE professionals:
unlike manufacturers, consultants or large engineering firms, RTE International operates the know-how of RTE, the electricity transmission grid
operator, and market coordinator for the French electricity system, and can advise you independently.
RTE and its
highly qualified experts are members of worldly renowned entities such as ENTSO-E, CIGRE, GO15 reliable and sustainable power grids, ICOLIM.

RTE international propose a range of services:
-specialist training to refresh and expand your skills, to acquire new expertise.
-tailored seminars/workshops to discover the latest innovations, namely in the areas of energy markets, renewable energies and new technologies.
-consultancy and expertise activities to assess and identify your specific needs.
-technical assistance during short-term missions or the availability of expatriates.


SERECT has been the French expertise center for live working for more than 50 years. It has contributed to develop the methods, tools and training specifications for all operators in France for all level of voltage: high voltage, medium voltage and low voltage. It assists the French live-working committee in defining the applicable rules for transmission and distribution system operator in France. SERECT, is a department of RTE.



Versalift aerial access platforms from TIME
TIME International offers safe, temporary access to elevated worksites from vehicle mounted Versalift aerial access platforms
Versalift is available as high voltage insulated aerial access platforms to sustain currents of up to 500 kV for live line maintenance, as well as low voltage insulated aerial access platforms for van and chassis mounting. The full range of Versalift aerial access platforms covers working heights from 9 to 68 metres. No matter the job, Versalift can get it done.

Annually, TIME Manufacturing Company produces more than 4000 Versalifts for chassis and vans for customers all over the world. With around half a century of experience in the access platform industry TIME Manufacturing Company continues to adapt to changing markets in a changing world with a clear commitment to quality through unequaled innovative design and manufacturing.
TIME International A/S, the export division of TIME Manufacturing Company, is responsible for the export of more than 1000 lifts annually to all countries outside of the Americas from facilities in Farsø, Denmark. The export is based on a worldwide network of dealers each selling Versalift with reference to TIME International.


The VILLBEK LTD. was established in 1989 in Szeged, Hungary. Our company manufactures, distributes and tests safety equipment for electrical working, personal protective equipment and live working tools and devices. SECURA BC manufactures protective equipment for eyes, electrical insulating gloves and several respirators in Warsaw, Poland



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